Why I cannot unlock my modem ?

Strictly speaking, you must be trying to get rid of your modem dealer's restrictions and use your modem as you want. I built this web tool just to make it easier for you to do that - not to force you to unlock your dongle.

I recently received many comments that this unlock code calculator does not work with newer modems, specially Huawei E303. If you have the same problem. Well, I have solution for you.

Download this application first (view VirusTotal analysis here, which is all clean)

Connect the modem to your computer and then run the application. It will update firmware of the modem. Note that I'm not going to take ANY responsibility for what you are going to do. Proceed at your own risk

Once it's done, put a SIM card from a different network and open the Mobile Partner software. You will be asked to enter the unlock code. Generate the unlock code and enter it in the text field. It will take few minutes to flash the device. When it's done, you are ready to go!