Nokia Master Reset Code Calculator for DCT3

calculate master-reset-code / unlock-code for your Nokia DCT3 type mobile phone.

Please enter your IMEI number in above box and click the button

How do I find my phone's IMEI number ?

Easy. Just type *#06# , in the same way you are dialiing a number to make a call. You will get a 15-digit number on the screen - and we call it IMEI number.

How do I enter this code ?

This code is just a replacement code for your security code. You can enter this anywhere you enter the security. In most phones, you can do this at Menu > Settings > Security > Security Code.

Will this brake or lock my phone ?

No. Unlike SIM card's PIN and PUK numbers, security comes with no limits - in most models. Please do not keep trying if your first attempts didn't work.

Do you take any responsibility about my device ?

What are the phone models that this calculator works with ?

Works on DCT 3 boards. DCT3 boards are NOT the latest devices such as Nokia N series and newly introduced phones after 2007-11, like 2300 and so on.

Hey, what I was looking for is to remove network locks from my phone!

Seriously ? Sorry about that. But this code is not for this - for those folks who have forgotten their security code.

Who are you ?

I'm a PHP web site developed by Ayesh Karunaratne. He is a PHP and especially, a Drupal web developer. I was developed for his site, People find me through other sources as well.

Your code didn't work!

Sorry to hear about that. Please do NOT retry. As said above, nither me nor Ayesh is responsible if you got your modem permanent locked.

Is this illegal ?

It depends on you. Please don't use this tool to perform any illegal action. This tool is for those who have forgotten codes or when they are legally entitled to perform the action.

What do these IMEI and DCT stand for ?

IMEI stands for Iternational Mobile Equipment Identity, and DCT stands for Digital Cellular Technology.

Are Oranges called Oranges because they are Orange?

Or is Orange called Orange because Oranges are Orange?

This tool is awesome - I could unlock my modem!

Cheers! Please consider sharing me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I promise to be decent and a clever guy.

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